“Nuno Moreira is a photographer that has continuously privileged the monochrome and the language of portrayed bodies. Throughout his several exhibitions and published books, the portrayed body (and its shadow), as well as the landscapes and forgotten objects of daily life, engage a constant dialogue with their spectator, as though waiting to be activated by a simple word.

In his most recent book, Errata, conceived as an object-book, Moreira reiterates precisely the photographic and photographed body’s dependency on words; what the first suggests and the next expands; what the former reveals and the latter dims to shadows. The monochrome enhances the solitude and mystery and summons, at the same time, the ever-present sign of time. There’s always something to say to the past, always something to clarify or to add.

It’s now up to David Soares to converse with Nuno Moreira’s images, in an exercise that demands both proximity and sharing, not only between writer and photographer, but also between these and the reader or book user. This is, after all, an object that requires handling and physical contact that demands page turning and the close attention of the reader. The manual stitching evokes that quasi-religious and intimate act between hand and book; word and image.” 

- Umbigo Magazine

ERRATA is a completely handmade edition, of which only 50 copies were made, all bound, numbered and signed by hand.

"With this book, I intended to create a unique and enigmatic object that escaped the idea of being easily labelled as a photobook. In my opinion, it is more of an "object-book", being closer to an object and less of a book. It was designed to stimulate the senses, having an intimate and very elliptical perception curve, due to the very nature of what was photographed."

As is usual in Moreira’s editions, he invites writers to look upon the atmosphere of the images and create a text. This time the invitation was made to David Soares, a renowned author in the world of comics and novels of historical and occult themes.

Moreira says that “it is very important to mention the participation of the writer David Soares in this edition because the result is, in my view, very well achieved. When I invite an author to write a text for a book, what I try to do is see how his authorial style combines with mine, as disparate languages can take on new contours. What fascinates me about this visual game between image and text is what we build in the intersection of these two languages (writing with words and with light) – that is, what the reader can imagine. Since this is a book that pays direct homage to literature and imagination, David was instrumental in creating an object so unusual and special.

In books as in life, options are not casualties and more often than not one is surprised by the sudden fire of chance, mystery, accident, catastrophe, or merely reality imposing its cruel grip on our controlled comfort. The error is mostly avoided. The accident is overlooked as tragic. The mystery is perhaps more a risk than an instigating surprise.

Bellow the surface, in the deep inkling waters of turning pages and flickering shadows lies the truth.

Everything makes sense in reverse.
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