My photographic work deals largely with the human condition and it's mostly recognizable for the introspective and enigmatic imagery.
A significant part of my work as an artist and photographer is an exploration on visual perception and a way of photographing thoughts or mental landscapes. These landscapes spring both from an inside perspective, as well as from someone on the outside looking into a particular topic within.
The subject matter is not an essential part of what I wish to express because most of the times it's serving an universal purpose within the concept of a given series of photos - a narrative. Therefore the models, bodies or gestures are a natural consequence of the atmosphere they try to evoke.
Since what I'm always looking to express is something from inside, I tend to work with the unknown and with elements which are not (always) visible or tangible in the frame.
I strongly believe imagination and curiosity can be transcribed into images in a poetic way, through a language somewhere between cinema and literature.
When I look back at some photos I understand the real interest lies outside the frame, that is, outside the image itself. In what is not there.
I believe in the capacity of our minds to use the image as a mere gateway or starting point to then extrapolate beyond the confinements of the medium. Indeed that is what a good image should be able to do: take the viewer somewhere far away from what is real and tangible.


Nuno Moreira is a Photographer and Art Director from Portugal.
Born in 1982, Nuno studied Cinema but always worked as photographer, educator and designer, being most importantly a self-taught image creator.
For over a decade he's been working independently through his own studio NM DESIGN / PHOTOS which specializes in Art Direction for books, music design, photography and brand identity / consultancy.
Nuno's projects include collage artworks under the banner of ABRAKADABRA, numerous series of installations, books and photography projects such as FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (2011), STATE OF MIND (2013), ZONA (2015), SHE LOOKS INTO ME (2018) and ERRATA (2020).
As a multidisciplinary artist Nuno has exhibited solo and in group shows since 2006 and his artist books are part of private and public collections.

Artist Books / Monographs

2020 - “ERRATA.”
2018 - “She Looks into Me”
2015 - “ZONA”
2013 - “State of Mind”
2011 - “Caindo depressa de um sonho”


2019 - “The Nature of this Room”
2018 - “Geometries of Silence”

Collections, Libraries and Archives

Victoria & Albert Museum, National Art Library, London
Columbia University in the City of New York, New York
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Princeton University Library, Princeton
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
Museo Nacional Reina Sofia Library, Madrid
Getty Research Institute, LA
PhotoIreland Collection/The Library Project, Dublin
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian - Biblioteca de Arte, Lisbon
Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, Melbourne
Yale University Library Library, New Haven
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Serralves Foundation, Library, Oporto
Biblioteca de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid
Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Bibliothek, München
Saxon State and University Library, Dresden
Arquivo Municipal Fotográfico, Lisbon
San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco
and various Private Collectors

Art Residencies

2017 - Museu da Luz, Mourão, Portugal
2016 - Casa da Escrita, Coimbra, Portugal

Talks & Conferences

2021 - Pl’a Arte (Art fair) - Talk on Art Book and Artist’s Book - Lisbon, Portugal  
2020 - Magestil - Lecture on international career as photographer - Lisbon, Portugal
2019 - Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa - Open-class on Photography - Lisbon, Portugal
2018 - Magestil - Talk on Networking & Freelancing - Lisbon, Portugal
2018 - Feira do Livro de Lisboa - Presenting "She Looks into Me" with reading by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal - Lisbon, Portugal
2018 - Algarve Design Meeting - “A Imagem Fragmento” - Faro, Portugal
2016 - Photobook Club Lisbon - Presenting "ZONA" - Lisbon, Portugal
2016 - Photobook Club Madeira - Presenting "ZONA" - Madeira, Portugal
2015 - Lisbon's Photobook Fair - Presenting "ZONA" - Lisbon, Portugal
2014 - BlankPaper School - Presenting "State of Mind" - Madrid, Spain
2014 - Photobook Club Tokyo - Presenting "State of Mind"/Lecture - Tokyo, Japan
2014 - Photobook Club Madeira - Presenting "State of Mind" - Madeira, Portugal
2014 - Photobook Club Lisbon - Presenting "State of Mind" - Lisbon, Portugal
2013 - "State of Mind" book launch and presentation, Ler Devagar Bookstore - Lisbon, Portugal
2012 - "Book Design" talk on Pecha Kucha Night#3 - Instituto de Design, Guimarães, Portugal
2012 - Seminar on Photography for Editorial Design, Encontro Nacional de Fotografia ISCTE - Lisbon, Portugal
2009 - Seminar on Book Design for Le Coq Tuguese - Mercado da Ribeira, Lisbon, Portugal

Teaching Experience

2021, Photography - IPF, Instituto Português de Fotografia (Lisbon)
2007-2015, Graphic Design/Photography Instructor - FLAG - Centro de Formação (Lisbon)
2008-2012, Graphic Design & Audiovisuals Professor - Magestil - Escola Profissional (Lisbon)
2010-2011, Professor & Lecturer on Post-Production and Photography - Escola Digital (Lisbon)
2009-2010, Graphic and Web Design Instructor - the.edge (Lisbon)
2009, Graphic Design Instructor - Creative Station (Lisbon)


For commissions, exhibitions, artwork sales or any other inquires, please contact directly:
Nuno Moreira
Phone: (+351) 914376440
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For commissions, exhibitions, artwork sales or any other inquires in JAPAN, please contact:
Mizuho Anzai

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