Venha a Nós o Vosso Reino


This project proposed a study on the meaning of rituals.
The 12 photos for this exhibition derive from donation boxes found inside one single church in Lisbon. The site-specific installation was composed of photographs and a central table filled with red apples free for the visitors to take and/or eat at their own free will.
On top of the table there was also a box/urn with an invitation for the guests to formulate personal wishes and store them inside the urn as a secret wish.
Rituals are a common habit associated with birth, death and celebrations in many forms and cultures yet we seldom stop to think about their meaning and how repetition molds our place in society and our own attitudes.

Site-specific Installation (Photography + Acrylic Urn + Apples)
Exhibited in September 2007 at Espaço KARNART, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
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